About Gary Field…

Gary finds inspiration for his art in many aspects of this country’s natural features and objects collected from the bushland and beaches of Eastern Australia are a source of creative ideas.

The seedpods, leaves, bones, stones and shells gathered serve to keep the images fresh in his mind when he returns to his workshop in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland to create original art pieces in wood.

Gary first makes a series of sketches or clay models before selecting the piece of timber that will become a bowl a jewellery box or sculpture. He works in a range of Australian and exotic timbers including Red Cedar, Queensland Rose Mahogany, White Beech, Rare Tasmanian Huon Pine and Blackwood, much of it salvaged.

About the artist

About the Art…

My art has been continually evolving over the last 40 years. I create and carve individually designed functional forms and sculpture in a range of Australian fine timbers including Red Cedar, Huon Pine and Rose Mahogany. The flowing, organic, convoluting shapes in my work are nature-inspired and are incorporated in jewellery boxes, bowls, furniture and sculpture. I am ecologically minded and have salvaged much of the raw materials myself.

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